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Why Custom Build


Take advantage of a custom built PC

There are many reasons to have a custom built computer as opposed to a commercial off the shelf system, for example:

  • PC IconGet exactly what you need in regard to quality, price, and availability.
  • To have a machine customised for your specific needs.
  • To give new life to an old PC - upgrading to more modern parts, such as video card, CPU, and RAM.
  • To have a high end or specialised machine for gaming, multimedia, video editing or other demanding tasks.
  • To avoid the advertising links, trial software, and other commission-driven additions and modifications that are often found on mass-market computers.
    PC Madness makes it part of our policy never to include any such parts or software that you don't need!
  • To be able to make modifications or upgrades to the original system at a later date with little hassle, such as adding in extra hard drive space, upgrading memory or adding in a better video card.

What's the difference between custom built and off the shelf?

Processors, memory and hard drives are just some of the components that make up a system and allow us to differentiate one system from another. As such, the performance and quality of a system is determined by the parts used in its construction.

"All computer systems sold on the market, regardless of brand, are a collection of components that together provide a functional computing system."

Users may not be aware that with pre-built systems - two of the exact same model computer can actually have very different parts! The reason for this has to do with suppliers, parts available at the time the system was built and just pure luck. For example, Dell might switch between multiple suppliers of memory because one is less expensive then the other. Buying all the parts on your own guarantees what parts you will get in your PC.


We're with you every step of the way

We can give you as much help or as much freedom as you need; guiding you through the system build with our tried and tested quality parts, or sourcing the exact parts that you want.

PC Madness backs this up with a 12 month warranty on all labour.
Most parts are then covered by manufacturer's warranty, which can range from 1-2 years for basic components, through to 3 or even 5 years for some brands of hard drives.

Additionally, we offer extensive phone support (always speak to a real person!) and advice at no extra charge.


Try our new computer system builderOr, choose one of our hand built system packages

All of our system packages are built to order to ensure you get the latest and best components possible - not parts that have been sitting on the shelf for several months!

PC Madness stands behind every computer we build and believe that there is no substitute for quality.

We back this up with our labour guarantee and our high standard of computer repair service.

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